Saturday , July 4th 2020
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Addi Express Knitting Machine Review

The wonder of a knitting machine is well known to those knitting enthusiasts who don’t have hours and hours to devote to knitting garments and other items. Knitting is a beautiful craft that provides entertainment and zen-like peace of mind for those who love to engage with the needles. However, sometimes you just want a gorgeous knitted piece with uniform stitches quickly and easily. This is when a machine like the Addi Express Knitting Machine is perfect.

Knitting machines have been around for a long time, but they have become easier to use than ever before. They used to be large, ungainly, and complicated to use, and this is no more. Addi, one of the premier names in knitting today, has a new machine out, the Addi Express Knitting Machine.

There are two versions of the Addi Express Knitting Machine, regular size with 24 needles, and a “King Size” that features 46. Depending on the size of swatches you plan to make, it’s important to pick the correct size.

Some of the items you can knit up in no time at all include swatches, scarves, baby socks, hats, bags, and more. Large socks aren’t possible on this machine, however, so bear that in mind as you consider the Addi Express Knitting Machine.

Knitting guru Cat Bordhi has even done a useful booklet that Addi Express users are going to need to have. Retailers recommend getting your hands on this book for some great ideas if you’re not sure how to get started.

Upon opening your Addi Express Knitting Machine, you’ll find a few important pieces to your machine. There is some assembly required, but nothing taxing for any average user. Three legs screw into the bottom of the main machine, with a clamp that allows the user to secure the machine to a table. A smaller bag contains three needles, but notice also there is a darning needle inside. This darning needle comes in very handy when it is time to start knitting. Addi knitting pros recommend having a crochet hook and tape measure on hand is a good idea when using the Addi Express Knitting Machine. A circular knitting needle of at least 16” (size 4 or 5) is ideal for removing your knitted piece from the machine.

The machine can knit both flat and “in the round,” so you have maximum flexibility in constructing your knitted garment. Loading the machine is a snap, and Addi Express includes a ball of yarn in the package so you can get started right away. Loading the machine is as easy as turning the knob on the machine, and weaving your yarn in and out of the moving machine needles. Engaging the mechanism to start the auto-knitting is a bit on the tricky side, but once you’ve had a few practice runs, you’ll be in business.

When getting the machine started, it’s important to turn carefully, noting that the yarn is hooking each needle correctly. The yarn can slip off in these early stages, which means you’ll have to back up and start again.

The machine works with all yarns, from light fingering weights to heavier bulk yarns. This means you have maximum versatility when it comes to knitting a garment. In addition, the machine makes very uniform stitches, meaning that blocking is easy and stress-free. For those who like to take shortcuts and skip the blocking process, even experienced knitters won’t be able to tell!

The machine itself is very compact, which means you can take it with you should you need to travel with it. You could even take it to your knitting circle if you have one!

One of the newest additions to the Addi Express Knitting Machine is the automatic row counter included on the device. We’ll admit, there is nothing more tedious in knitting than counting rows. The speed the crank on the Addi allows you to knit makes it easy to lose track of rows. When you’re working a machine like the Addi Express, it is nice not to have to concern yourself about counting them!

We also see a use for entrepreneurial pursuits. For those interested in selling knitted goods on today’s hot handcrafted sites like, a knitting machine ups your productivity quotient. Knitted items still fetch a good price, even in a down economy, but hand-knitting them can be time-consuming and tedious. For anyone with a side business in knitting, an Addi Express Knitting Machine is an ideal addition to your toolkit.

The Addi Express Knitting Machine is a great machine for those looking for a quick way to make a variety of knitted items. In addition, the high quality of Skacel knitting materials is well known in the knitting community. There are some great accessories available as well, including a stopper that allows increases and decreases, and several Addi Express books that provide patterns to try.

This knitting machine is a real winner!