The Sunlight Book of Knitting

The Sunlight Book of Knitting Introduction

Experienced crocheters and knitters will appreciate this latest edition of the Sunlight Book of Knitting and Crocheting as it presents the very latest ideas and designs for making all sorts of classic items.

Image of detailed instructions for a stitch from the original Sunlight Book
Detailed instructions for a stitch from the original Sunlight book

Readers will find each step detailed clearly with simple and straightforward directions.   Our hope is to make them as easily understood as if they were demonstrated by a live instructor as the instructions were all written from doing the actual work with the items.

The stitches here are the basis of an almost unlimited variety of fun and useful items.

Knit baby hatJust as in the time of The Sunlight book, baby items are still popular.  Blankets are treasured items, and bonnets have been a rage since photographers captured England’s Princess Charlotte coming home from the hospital in one.

We’ll cover a bit about care also.  This section has been updated as soaps and detergents have changed substantially since 1915.  The Sunlight lesson is: choose your materials carefully so that they’ll last.  Of course, they recommended Sunlight yarn, but the quality lesson is still important.  Use quality yarns for satisfactory work, lasting colors, and long wear.

Why Knit?

People knit when The Sunlight book was published for an economy.  Home knitting could provide better clothing and accessories than available commercially and at a much lower price.  Nowadays, the price is no longer as important.  There are plenty of good quality clothes available at low cost.

Yet there’s still no store bought substitute for the pride that you feel wearing your own hand knitted items.  And some say that knitting is akin to meditation.  Once you get going, muscle memory takes over, and your mind can loosen up a bit.  It’s a great stress reliever and some say that it lessens anxiety and depression.

To many, it’s like a crossword puzzle: mildly stimulating, requiring some though but not a lot of worries, and a challenge to the brain.  And the gentle motions actually keep your joints healthy and strengthen your hands.

But most of all, knitting is fun and enjoyment.